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A little bean can do a lot of good.

A little bean can do a lot of good.

After the summer, the weather turned hot, frozen edamame in bulk is also listed in large quantities, only now in the year this season to eat beans, and then a while later it will grow into soybean. Therefore, many people began to save the beans, then, save the beans is directly in the refrigerator or cooked put it?

The first step in the storage of the beans is to peel out the grains, peeling the beans from the center of the break, and then pull down the silk, in this case, the beans will be very good peeling. Home if you are eating now, the beans can also be placed on the board, with a rolling pin to roll out the beans can be squeezed out, but this method also has a small disadvantage, is that it will hurt the beans, after storage will have a strange smell. Hand-peeled frozen edamame in bulk is round and full, without bruises.

  • Peeling hairy beans

    Peel all the frozen edamame in bulk all the way through, then rinse them well with water; there is a little bit of sinew in the pods on the surface, which comes off with a little scrubbing with your hands. Don’t use too much force, don’t chuck the beans. After washing the beans, control the water.

    Then start a pot of oil, when the oil is hot, pour directly into the washed beans, do not need to put any seasoning, open medium heat and slowly stir fry. Just into the pot, the surface of the beans is a little white, fried for a while after the color will become green, do not have to fry the beans cooked, as long as it is fried to the color of all the green after you can turn off the fire, this time there are some fishy smell of beans.

  • Stir fry the frozen edamame in bulk until they turn brown

    After turning off the heat, transfer the furikake beans to a plate and leave it to cool. Once the temperature of the beans has dropped all the way down, we can put them in a bag and store them. According to how much you can eat at home at one time, put it into a ziplock bag, if you don’t have a ziplock bag at home, you can also use a plastic bag instead. After putting in the beans, squeeze the air out of the bag, and then seal the sealing edge. Do the same with the remaining beans. After packing, put the beans in the freezer on the refrigerator, when you want to eat, take out a little thawed can be cooked.

frozen edamame in bulk

What are the benefits and effects of frozen edamame in bulk?

Hairy beans are fresh soybeans with pods, rich in plant protein, but also high in potassium and magnesium, and rich in B vitamins and dietary fiber. It has the effect of relieving fatigue, tonifying the spleen and stomach, and relieving constipation.

  1. Relieve fatigue: summer weather is hot, the beans are rich in potassium, consumption can help relieve the loss of potassium due to excessive sweating, to relieve the body fatigue caused by the loss of potassium.
  2. Tonic spleen and stomach: the sweet taste of soybean, rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and other nutrients, with the role of tonic spleen and stomach, suitable for the spleen and stomach weak middle-aged and elderly people to eat.
  3. Relieve constipation: hairy beans are rich in fiber, fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can relieve constipation.
  4. Improve lipid metabolism: the lipid content in the frozen edamame in bulk is higher than the average vegetable, mainly linoleic acid and linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, which can improve the body’s lipid metabolism, reduce triglyceride and cholesterol content.

What are the contraindications of mauve beans?

Frozen edamame in bulk is generally recommended to avoid eating with foods and medicines containing more calcium, and should also be avoided at the same time with high purine foods, and should also be avoided with micronutrient-rich foods and other foods, more conducive to good health.

  1. More calcium-containing foods, drugs: frozen edamame in bulkcontains a large amount of oxalic acid, may be formed with calcium insoluble in water calcium oxalate, long-term so may form stones in the stomach, after being absorbed may also be precipitated in the kidneys and other parts of the kidney, the formation of kidney stones, so should be avoided with high calcium-containing foods, drugs, such as shrimp, calcium carbonate tablets, gluconate tablets, and so on.
  2. Uremia patients: uremia people are not recommended to eat soybean, because soybean contains relatively high potassium, and potassium is mainly excreted through the kidneys. Patients with uremia have poor kidney function, if they eat too many beans, a large amount of potassium in the body can not be discharged, there may be serious arrhythmia, bradycardia, and in severe cases, even cardiac arrest and other symptoms of hyperkalemia, endangering the health of the body.
  3. Soy allergy crowd: frozen edamame in bulk is actually a kind of soybean, so the soy allergy crowd can not eat soybean, so as not to appear skin itching, hives and other allergic reactions.
  4. Poor gastrointestinal function crowd: the presence of bloating symptoms of the crowd can not eat beans, because beans into the intestine, may stimulate the mucous membrane of the intestine, producing gas, resulting in increased bloating.

Young children are usually not recommended to eat a lot of beans, because beans contain more crude fiber, a large number of human body because it is not easy to digest, easy to appear indigestion symptoms. In addition, Chinese medicine believes that beans are cold in nature, and those with a weak constitution may experience diarrhea after eating them.

frozen edamame in bulk

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