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Frozen Refrigeration Technology Sharing of Bulk Frozen Edamame Beans Preservation and Storage Technology

Frozen Refrigeration Technology Sharing of Bulk Frozen Edamame Beans Preservation and Storage Technology

Beans are full of soybean seeds have not yet matured young pods, its fresh beans can be made daily meals and wine dishes, processed into canned and frozen for sale. Beans taste delicious, nutritious, containing high plant protein, vitamins and iron, phosphorus and other trace elements, to reduce human cholesterol has a good effect, is a good health care vegetables, and therefore favored by consumers.

bulk frozen edamame beans

Problems encountered in the preservation and storage of bulk frozen edamame beans

Beans belong to the vegetables do not tolerate low temperatures, storage at 8 ℃ below the cold damage is easy to occur, appearing brown rusty spots; and storage at 8 ℃ above the moldy rot, such as at room temperature, 4 ~ 5 days after the open-type yellowing and long mold. Therefore, at present, after the picking of soybean is mainly to take direct fresh sales and quick-freezing refrigerated way.
But in recent years, the cultivated area of soybean is expanding, and production has increased year by year. Direct fresh sale is difficult to sell in time, coupled with the limited scale of quick-freezing and refrigeration, and therefore is now proposed a method of refrigeration and preservation of soybean, in order to buffer the contradiction between the post-harvest soybeans and extend the sales time and improve the efficiency.

An introduction to a method of keeping bulk frozen edamame beans fresh by refrigeration

The research results show that after the preservative treatment, put into storage at 5 ℃, its storage period can reach 45 days, the color is still bright green, the weight loss rate is only 5%, there is no brown rusty spot-like cold symptoms.

The technical points are as follows:

  • Harvesting The seeds are full and full, and the pods are green when picked;
  • Selection Remove the cracked, yellowed, rotted and unsaturated beans;
  • Soaking Firstly, immerse the beans in 0.5 ‰ concentration of sodium benzoate solution for about 1 minute, fish out and put in 0.5 ‰ concentration of sodium salicylate solution for about 1 minute, and then fish out and spread out the cold air to blow dry.
  • Packaging Packed in 500g plastic baskets and wrapped with edible film.
  • Refrigeration Put into the temperature of 5 ℃ ± 1 ℃, humidity of 95-100% of the cold storage.


  1. After pulling out the beans from the solution, make sure to dry them with cold air. Because if there is moisture on the surface of the beans, it is conducive to microbial reproduction and mold growth;
  2. To use edible film to pack plastic baskets. Edible film on the one hand can isolate the pathogenic bacteria invasion and moisture dripping to the surface of the beans; on the other hand, it can permeate the oxygen, so that the beans get enough oxygen, avoiding anaerobic respiration.

Introduction to the use of cold storage for the storage of bulk frozen edamame beans

Will pick the beans stored in the 0 ~ 5 ℃ freshness of the cold storage, can be preserved at the same time with other vegetables and fruits, storage time is about 30 days, can be ready to enter and exit the goods suitable for short-term preservation, cold storage cost is relatively inexpensive.

  • Air-conditioned cold storage of bulk frozen edamame beans

Soybean storage to comply with the indicators, from cultivation, picking, selection, pre-cooling, storage and a series of processes should be strictly controlled, the soybean into polyethylene plastic film bags, stored in a cold storage at 0 ℃, air-conditioning control components of the oxygen content of 4-6%, carbon dioxide 5-7%, this method can be preserved for about 2 months. Suitable for the whole in and out, cold storage cost is high.

The beans will be cleaned and drained, cut into small pieces, scalded in boiling water for 1-2 minutes (water can be added salt to keep green), quickly cooled to 10 ℃. Drain and air-dry, sent to -35 ℃ quick-freezing cold room rapid freezing or using fluidized quick-freezing device for quick-freezing, bagging and packaging, in -18 ℃ low-temperature freezer storage. Pay attention to the control of library temperature, can not fluctuate too much, otherwise it will damage the product, resulting in quality decline. This method can be stored for more than half a year, or even two years still maintain its color, flavor and nutritional value.

bulk frozen edamame beans

Notes on the preservation of bulk frozen edamame beans

  1. Whether blanching or deep frying, the beans should be “dead”, blocking the possibility of its growth, so as to retain the nutrients of the beans as long as possible.
  2. Processed beans can not be with raw water, and should be packaged in bags, and airtight storage isolation, and then can be put into the freezer to save.
  3. Frozen beans to eat as much as take as much, do not repeatedly thawed, frozen, that will destroy the nutrition and taste of the beans.

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