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Our Equipment

1. We have our own quality control team to control the quality of frozen food, the members have more than 10 years of working experience.

2. We promise to control the quality of all frozen vegetables strictly according to customers’ requirements and specifications.

3. We have a team to handle pre-sales and after-sales issues for all frozen food orders.

Our Production Line

Xiamen sharp dragon

100% Natural Fruits.

No Additives.

No Preservatives.

No Cholesterol.

No Artificial Color.

No Added Sugar.

Factory Processing

Our frozen food products can meet your market needs:

  1. Clean sorting, fresh raw materials, no residue, no damage, no rot;
  2. All frozen foods are processed in experienced factories;
  3. The whole production process is supervised by our QC team.

As a bulk frozen bananas supplier, we can provide you with product information as well as market information.

Product development support, shipment review/reporting, and management.

Xiamen sharp dragon

Planting Base

Xiamen sharp dragon

1. Our professional and thoughtful after-sales service eliminates your worries.

2. We can provide you with ten thousand of products of different levels. Including freezing tenderstem broccoli, bulk frozen bananas, bulk frozen edamame beans, frozen edamame in bulk, bulk frozen mango, etc.

3. We provide a convenient one-stop purchasing service.

4. Any inquiry will be replied to within 12 hours.

5. Dedicated to quality, supply, and service.

6. Strictly select raw materials for frozen food.

7. Reasonable and competitive price, fast delivery time.


We would be glad to send samples, however, sample cost has to be bear by buyer. Either, you may let us know your express account number with respective courier company and they can collect samples from our office or as an alternative. we will dispatch sample on our account but sample cost to be paid upfront.P.S. We usually use dry ice for all frozen and fresh items and deliver to the destination airport until and unless specified otherwise.

Retest after 24 months from production date. Recommended storage temperature is -18°C.

For first cooperation, it’s better to do TT, after we trust more each other, it’s also possible to do TT, LC.

Normal is 15-20 days after the order is confirmed. If the product isn’t in season and needs more days. I’ll tell you in advance. We provide Shipment Review/ Reporting and Management.

1) bulk packing is 1x10kgs/ctn,
2) retail packing such as 10x1kg/ctn, 5x2kgs/ctn, 4×2.5kgs/ctn, and 25x400g/ctn, all can be based on customers’ requests.

We are a trading company with own factory who have been in this line for many years, we are major in Chinese agricultural products planting, processing, and exportation.

PLS get me back about the quality after your test, if it’s our responsibility, we’ll take it for sure. The company culture is Quality+Credit+Price+Service, it’s always our honor to keep the good credit.

We Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue, damaged or rotten ones. All products are processed in experienced factories. Supervised by our QC team. Already by BRC,HACCP, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO certificated.

According to the product. Normal for 40’RH is 23MT for 20’RF is 12MT. But different products have different MOQs. And we can do the mixed container for many kinds of products. Pls, tell me the product name and weight for each one.

Popular Frozen Meals

iqf bulk frozen french fries

IQF Bulk Frozen French Fries

Potato protein has high nutritional value. Potato tubers contain about 2% protein, and the protein content in potato chips is 8% to 9%. According to research, the protein value of potato is very high, its quality is equivalent to the protein of egg, easy to digest and absorb, better than other crop. Bulk frozen french fries refer to a large quantity of french fries that are precooked, frozen, and packaged for convenience and easy storage. These fries can be reheated in an oven, deep fryer, or air fryer before serving.

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wholesale export frozen baby corn cobs

Wholesale Export Frozen Baby Corn Cobs

Wholesale price of frozen baby corn. When the corn shoots are eaten, they will also give people a sweet taste. It can be seen that the corn shoots contain a certain amount of sugar. In fact, the sugars contained in the corn shoots are mostly monosaccharides, disaccharides, and a little starch.

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Large frozen spring rolls

Large Frozen Spring Rolls Wholesale

In the ancient Chinese spring, the large frozen spring rolls evolved from the custom of eating spring vegetables. In the spring, people need to eat some fresh spring vegetables, which can be used to prevent diseases and to celebrate the New Year. In northern China, the earliest spring cakes are pancakes baked or

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a hot seller organic frozen cherries

A Hot Seller Organic Frozen Cherries

Products Description

The nutritional value of organic frozen cherries and the efficacy of eating cherries. Organic frozen cherries are rich in iron, which is a very high iron content among fruits, and can play a very powerful role in the process of protein synthesis and energy metabolism, and also has a close relationship with brain and nerve function, the aging process. Regular consumption of cherries can supplement the body’s demand for iron, promote hemoglobin regeneration, both to prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also to enhance physical fitness, brain and educational.

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frozen agaricus bisporus mushroom

Frozen Agaricus Bisporus Mushroom

Processing Type:
Shelf Life:
Weight (kg):
Freezing Process:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Frozen white mushroom
Fresh white mushroom
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whole organic frozen okra

Whole Organic Frozen Okra

Okra not only contains calcium equivalent to fresh milk but also has a calcium absorption rate of 50–60%, which is twice that of milk, so it is an ideal source of calcium. Okra mucilage contains water-soluble pectin and mucin, which can reduce the body’s absorption of sugar and the body’s metabolism. Organic frozen okra can be served cold or stir-fried, with good taste and nutrition.

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