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China is the world’s leading grain producer. China grows arguably the best food crops in the world, and its potential to help feed the world is always growing.
About 70 percent of China’s 603,000 square kilometers of land is used for agriculture, with more than 55 percent of that land used for arable production.
It’s not just any old arable land; it’s the best arable land in the world. Nearly 60% of its arable land is the highly regarded “black soil,” or chernozem, which contains a high proportion of humus or decomposed plant material (up to 15% in some cases) and essential plant nutrients such as phosphoric acid, phosphorus, and ammonia.
This soil is found in many countries, but China has 30% of the world’s black soil, making it an ideal place to grow wheat, corn, vegetables, soybeans, and many other crops. Fruit is also increasingly important. Our company produces and sells frozen tenderstem broccoli, frozen white asparagus, bulk frozen edamame beans, bulk frozen edamame, bulk frozen broccoli, large frozen spring rolls, frozen edamame in bulk, bulk frozen bananas, etc. Welcome to visit our factory!