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frozen Lotus Root Taste

frozen Lotus Root Taste

Delivery time: 7 days after receipt of deposit<br>
Shipping port: Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc<br>
Supply capacity: 1000 tons per month<br>
Means of transport: sea or air<br>
Warehouse inventory: 10,000 tons of goods<br>
Sample: Free<br>
Minimum order quantity: 10 tons<br>

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IQF frozen wholesale best price lotus root for wholesale 


frozen lotus root taste

Product name: 

frozen lotus root 

 Brand: SHARP DRAGON or Buyer’s brand
 Description: IQF lotus roots  Frozen lotus roots


20x500g,10x1kg/ctn,6×2.5lbs/ctn,(Or as per the clients’ requirements)
 Certificates: HACCP,ISO,BRC,FDA.KOSHER,etc.
 Successfully exported countries: EU,USA,Russia,Middle East, South East Asian,etc

Lotus root, sweet and brittle, can be eaten raw can cook, but very high medicinal value, it’s stud leaf, flower to be the fruit, all for the treasure, can be tonic medicine. Made with lotus root powder, to digestion and diarrhea, appetizers heat, nourishing cultivation, prevent internal bleeding, women and children children woman, infirm on a good nourishing food and good liquid .

frozen lotus root taste

Product Description

Hybrid breeding, plant growth was strong and powerful, strains up to 160 ~ 180cm,

leaf suborbicular, smooth surface, about blade radius 36cm, petiole diameter of

1.9 cm or so, white flowers, flowering more, about 13 leaf started a lotus,

growth period of about 125 days, into the shallow mud, generally 25 ~ 30cm.

Early in the short barrel shape between irregular shape, skin white, lotus head,

shoulder internode obtuse, uniform internode. Elian No. 6 lotus root general

main lotus 6 ~ 7, 90 ~ 110 cm, internodes long 14 to 17cm, coarse 8cm,

3.54 kg weight single whole lotus root, dry lotus root output of 2500 ~ 3 000 kg.

Ingredients: lotus root, water

Storage method: the room temperature preservation, -18C or so the best

to avoid light antifreeze

Edible method: open the bag, rinse, and meat can be fried, stewed, fried

lotus root, lotus root under Hot pot sweet and sour salad

Function: lotus root contains starch, protein, ASP, hormone, vitamin C and

oxidase components, sugar content is also high, raw fresh lotus root can

solution heat trouble, thirst vomiting; such as the xianou squeeze juice,

the effect even more, cooked lotus flavour Ganwen, Jianpi appetizers,

beneficial blood fill heart. So, make up the five internal organs, Xiaoshi,

thirst, Sheng Jin effect.

frozen lotus root taste

frozen lotus root taste
frozen lotus root taste

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Our Service

We have more than 20 years frozen products exporting experience.Every product we sell,the highest levels of quality assurance, food safety, compliance with all government regulations,our company have already passed the certificateof ISO9001:2000, FDA,HACCP KOSHER and IFS .We have outstanding service, unique product lines and experienced staff to help your procurement go smoother and easier.

frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier



1.What is your payment term?

For first cooperation, it’s better to do TT, after we trust more each other, it’s also possible to do TT, LC.


2.What is your MOQ? If  I  want to buy many kinds products in one container,could you please give me your price?

According to product. Normal for 40’RH is 23MT for 20’RF is 12MT. But different product different  MOQ. And we can do the mixed container for many kinds products. Pls tell me product name and weight for each one.


3.Can you consolidate orders from different suppliers?

Absolutely, we are able to source, consolidate and deliver LCL and Mixed pallets by Sea or Air.


frozen food supplier

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