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Storage of bulk frozen sweet corn

Storage of bulk frozen sweet corn

Corn is a very delicious food, especially boiled corn, which many people like to eat. However, in the winter, because there is no fresh corn, people usually eat it after it has been frozen, and the taste is definitely not as good as fresh corn. Generally speaking, bulk frozen sweet corn is used for stewing, and other preparation methods are not suitable. So, how do you cook bulk frozen sweet corn?

There are two types of bulk frozen sweet corn: cooked bulk frozen sweet corn and uncooked bulk frozen sweet corn. The cooked ones are ready to be boiled in 5 cups of water, and the undercooked ones need at least 20 minutes.

If it is cooked bulk frozen sweet corn, in order to ensure the taste and taste, boil it with boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, and then taste; it should have the sweetness and aroma of the sweet corn variety, and be crispy and refreshing.

It is best to put raw corn in a pot in cold water. After the water is boiled, it can be almost thawed. If the water is boiled, it should be boiled for at least 20 minutes.

Storage and selection of bulk frozen sweet corn:

Refrigeration: The refrigeration temperature is required to be below -18 °C, and the relative humidity is 95–98%. The temperature fluctuation range of refrigeration should not exceed ±2°C.

Selected sensory indicators: light yellow or golden color; uniform grain size; no broken grains; neat incision; no filaments, bracts, or other impurities; no frost returns in the package.

When storing cooked corn, just put the cooked corn into a fresh-keeping bag, seal the bag tightly, and put it in the freezer for a week. Next time you want to eat it, warm it up in the microwave or boil it in water for a few minutes.

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To store corn for a long time, many people think of freezing, and any ingredient can be frozen for at least 1 year. But for corn, is it direct freezing? Or cooked and then frozen? If done the wrong way, the corn will dry out, lose its sweetness, and not taste as good as fresh. Aren’t they all frozen? Why is the taste different? Today, I will share with you the skill of preserving corn. If you like to eat corn quickly, you can eat fresh corn at any time in the future.

How to store corn

Prepare fresh corn, salt, edible alkali, water, and plastic wrap.


Step 1. When buying corn, many people like to peel off the corn husk, which is wrong. Corn husks play a protective role, preventing water loss and keeping corn fresh for a long time, so you can’t buy peeled corn on the cob.

Step 2 is to peel off the outer layer of corn husks, leaving two to three layers, or to lock in the moisture and aroma of the corn so that it tastes delicious. Rinse the corn with water and drain.

Step 3. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil it on high heat, and add two kinds of seasonings, namely salt and edible alkali, which can make the corn sweeter and softer. Then add the corn, cover, and cook for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat.

Step 4. Take out the corn and let it dry for 5 minutes, wrap each one with plastic wrap and wrap it in 2-3 layers to prevent water loss, then put it in the refrigerator to freeze, and then boil it with water for 5 minutes before eating. It can be done in a few minutes or steamed in a steamer. The corn preserved in this way will be soft, glutinous, and sweet after being eaten for a year.

When corn is harvested, the moisture content is 28%–40%. After transportation and storage, the moisture content is already very low, only about 14%. Less moisture is conducive to preservation. If the corn cobs are directly frozen, the remaining water will be quickly lost, and the taste will become dry and not delicious. So when saving bulk frozen sweet corn, pay attention to two points:

  1. The corn should retain the outer skin, which can lock the moisture and make the corn more tender.
  2. The corn needs to be boiled, the taste is softer and sweeter, and it tastes the same as fresh after being frozen.
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The nutritional benefits of bulk frozen sweet corn

Bulk frozen sweet corn is a healthy food choice that provides many nutritional benefits. It is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Bulk frozen sweet corn is also a low-calorie food, with only 60 calories per cup. Sweet corn is a type of corn that is harvested while the kernels are still immature. Unlike other types of corn, sweet corn is not typically used for feed or fuel, but is consumed fresh or frozen. Sweet corn is a good source of dietary fiber, thiamin, and vitamin C. There are many nutritional benefits to frozen sweet corn. One reason is that frozen sweet corn is a good source of dietary fiber. In addition, frozen sweet corn is also a good source of vitamins A, C, and E. Finally, frozen sweet corn is also a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect the body against disease.

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