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How to store frozen white asparagus

How to store frozen white asparagus

White asparagus is called the “King of Vegetables” not only because of its delicious taste, but also because of its many benefits:

1. Hangover

The purified substances in asparagus can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol. Eating asparagus or drinking asparagus tea before drinking has a certain hangover effect. Eating asparagus the day after drinking can help relieve symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Compared with hangover medicine, asparagus is pure natural. The researchers pointed out that the hangover substances in asparagus are not destroyed even after high temperature cooking.

1. Anti-tumor

Studies have shown that white asparagus is rich in trace elements selenium, tissue protein, folic acid, nucleic acid, asparagus glycosides and aspartic acid, which can form biochemical barriers to tumors in the body and prevent normal cells from becoming malignant. According to the International Association of Cancer Patients, white asparagus can normalize cell growth and prevent the spread of cancer cells. Friendly reminder: Asparagus products can be used as an adjunct diet for the treatment of tumor diseases and cannot be used as a substitute for drugs.

2. Protect blood vessels and lower blood lipids

Experiments proved that feeding the experimental mice with high-fat feed caused hyperlipidemia, and at the same time feeding a quantitative asparagus product to observe the effect of asparagus on experimental hyperlipidemia in animals. The results show that white asparagus can inhibit the rise of blood lipids and liver lipids, and has a certain therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia animals. For health purposes, you can often eat canned asparagus or drink asparagus tea.

3. Cool and reduce fire

In traditional Chinese medicine books, asparagus is called “dragon mustard vegetable”, and it is said that it is sweet, cold, non-toxic, has the effect of clearing heat and urinating. Even if you have dry mouth in summer and summer, thirst after exercise, and polydipsia with fever, you can eat asparagus to clear heat and quench thirst, which has the effect of cooling and reducing fire.

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How to store white asparagus

  1. To freeze fresh asparagus, freeze it thoroughly at low temperature, then vacuum the frozen white asparagus, and directly vaporize and extract the frozen water in the asparagus, dry the asparagus, and store it in an airtight container.
  2. After the asparagus is cooked, store it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, so that the asparagus will last longer.

Preservation of frozen white asparagus

  1. Choose fresh asparagus. Asparagus with a thicker tip than a ballpoint pen are more resistant to freezing than asparagus with a thinner tip. Choose fresh asparagus that are in season, not soft or woody. Don’t choose brown or discolored asparagus because they don’t taste good when frozen.
  2. The technique of cutting out the wood. Cut the top of the asparagus about an inch or so. The rubbery texture of the iron tip is unpleasant, especially after freezing. So make sure to remove any dry or woody parts.
  3. Boil water to make ice water. To preserve its flavor, asparagus should be boiled before freezing. The process of cooking the asparagus takes about 30 seconds, then you have to remove it from the heat before it is no longer crisp. Put them in ice water to prevent cooking. Bring water to a boil in a large pot and prepare a large bowl of ice water.
  4. Cut the asparagus into half-inch pieces. For an even boil asparagus, it is best to cut it into small pieces. If you want to keep the stems intact, that’s fine, but the flavor may suffer.
  5. Cook the asparagus for one minute. If the tips are thick, cook them longer; if they are thin, cook them for only thirty seconds. Watch the asparagus carefully so you don’t end up overcooking.
  6. Place the asparagus in a bowl of ice water. Immediately drop them into a bowl of ice water using a slotted spoon to cool and stop cooking. Boil them in ice water for the same amount of time, then place them in a colander to drain.
  7. Quick frozen white asparagus. Spread the large pieces out on a baking sheet, cover with plastic wrap, and place in the refrigerator. Freeze them for an hour or so, until each is lightly frosted. Quick freezing them before storing them for a long time will prevent them from freezing together into a solid.
  8. Place asparagus in a freezer container. Place frozen white asparagus in a plastic freezer bag or container. Close tightly to expel most air. Put a date label on the container.

frozen white asparagus can be kept for up to a year in moderate cold conditions。

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how to make frozen white asparagus

  1. First take out the frozen white asparagus and thaw it.
  2. Then remove the hard part near the root, remove the scales on the stem with a knife, and use a knife to carve a circle of knife marks on the stem that is biased towards the head. Start at the score with a knife and lightly shave off the outer skin. If it is still green after peeling, use a peeler to peel it a second time.
  3. Stir-fried asparagus: appropriate amount of asparagus, a little garlic, a dry pepper, a little oil, a little salt, a spoonful of sugar, and a spoonful of chicken essence. Cut the asparagus into sections, cut the peppers and garlic into pieces, heat the pan with oil, add the garlic slices and sauté until fragrant, add the asparagus and dried peppers, stir-fry for a while, add salt, sugar and chicken essence to taste, stir-fry for three minutes and you’re good to go。
  4. Mix asparagus with olive oil: an appropriate amount of asparagus, a little salt, a little black pepper, and an appropriate amount of olive oil. Practice: clean the fresh asparagus, heat the pan, pour in the right amount of olive oil, after the oil is hot, add the asparagus, fry a few times, add salt to taste, fry for another minute or two, pour in black pepper and you’re done .
  5. Asparagus and bacon rolls: the right amount of bacon, the right amount of asparagus, the right amount of oil, practice: cut the asparagus into two sections, the tender part on the top, roll the asparagus with bacon, put the rolled asparagus in the baking pan, brush Put the right amount of oil in the oven and bake for ten minutes. After it is baked, it can be served on a plate.

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