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Bulk Frozen Sweet Corn Importers

Bulk Frozen Sweet Corn Importers

Corn is one of the most important foods in the world. Nowadays, about one-third of the world’s population uses corn as the main food. Among them, the food composition of Asians accounts for 50% of the corn, and 25% of Africa, 40% ofLatin America. Bulk frozen sweet corn refers to a large quantity of corn kernels that have been harvested and quickly frozen to preserve their freshness. This allows the corn to be stored for a longer period of time without spoiling. The frozen sweet corn can be used in various recipes such as soups, stews, casseroles, and side dishes.



Product Name

Bulk Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Wholesale



Harvest Period

July to September




320g/pc, 12bags/ctn; or as customer’s requirement

Shelf life 

18 months at normal temperature


All year round

Lead Time

15 days after receiving the deposit


Sharp Dragon

Port Of   Loading

Qingdao, China

Trading Term


Payment Term

L/C at sight or T/T

Export Country

Japan, Chile, Russia, Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, NewZealand, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East, etc

Private Label


Sweet taste is an important factor in vegetable flavor. The sensation of sweetness can be caused by one or more substances. Vegetables that contain sweet substances can cause a sweet sensation or may not have a sweet sensation. The feeling of sweetness is not only related to the type, concentration, and proportion of chemical components contained in vegetables but also to temperature, pH value, environment, taste sharpness, and so on. The vast majority of vegetables have more or less sweet substances. There are many kinds of sweet substances in vegetables, including sugars, alcohols and their derivatives, aldehydes, acylates, amines, amino acids, sulfonic acid compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, and so on.

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From the botanical point of view, corn kernels can be divided into seed coat, endosperm, and embryo, and the key to affecting the sweetness of corn is in the endosperm. When corn is mature, it produces glucose through photosynthesis and is transported to the endosperm, where it is stored as starch. Although starch is a chemical polymer of sugar, it does not taste sweet on its own. This is why the ordinary corn we eat is not sweet and has a pinky taste. Sweet corn is different in that its endosperm is not only starch but also a relatively high content of water-soluble polysaccharides, which gives it a sweet taste different from ordinary corn.

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The reason behind it is that in a series of genes that control starch synthesis in sweet corn, one or several genes have a natural mutation and are in a homozygous recessive state, cutting off part of the process of converting reducing sugar to starch. This “small defect” contributes to the delicious taste of sweet corn. Using a sugar meter to test the sweetness of sweet corn, the general range will be between 8% and 20%. How sweet is sweet corn? Sweet corn is also divided into three categories: ordinary sweet corn, enhanced sweet corn, and super sweet corn. Let’s talk about universal sweet corn first. The corn on the cob sold in KFC fast food restaurants is a kind of universally sweet, fresh sweet corn called Jubilee. Generally, this kind of general sweet corn is characterized by moderate sweetness, and the sweetness of water-soluble sugar can be felt to be roughly 7 to 9%. The seed skin is soft and thin, rich in starch, sweet and waxy when tasting, and has a good taste with an obvious sweet corn fragrance, but the sweetness of the preservation time is short. And then there’s the fortified sweet corn. This is a type of sweet corn that is influenced by multiple genes, and the sweetness is between the universal sweet type and the super sweet type, and the taste is better than the universal sweet type.

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If the bulk frozen sweet corn does not appear to be spoiled, it can usually be eaten normally. The whole corn can be thawed and then cooked. Freezing corn can prolong the shelf life of corn without affecting the normal taste. Eating corn properly at ordinary times has certain benefits to the health of the body. It contains vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber components, which can supplement the body with nutrients;

Advantages of bulk frozen sweet corn:

1. Strengthen the spleen and stomach
Corn is a coarse grain in the north and a fodder in the south. But from the point of view of the same origin of medicine and food, corn is sweet and flat in nature and taste, and it belongs to the stomach and bladder meridians, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, diuresis and exuding dampness.

2. Anti-aging
Corn is known for its diverse composition. For example, corn contains vitamins A and E and glutamic acid, and animal experiments have proved that these ingredients have anti-aging effects.

3. Prevent constipation and arteriosclerosis
Corn is rich in cellulose, which can not only stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation, but also promote the metabolism of cholesterol and accelerate the discharge of intestinal toxins. Corn oil extracted from corn germ contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid accounts for 60%, which can remove harmful cholesterol in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis.

4. Anti-cancer
Corn is not only rich in vitamins, but the content of carotene is more than 5 times that of soybeans, which is also beneficial to inhibit carcinogens.

5. Skin care effect
Corn also contains lysine and trace element selenium. Its antioxidant effect is beneficial to prevent tumors. At the same time, corn is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, etc., which are effective in protecting nerve conduction and gastrointestinal function, preventing myocarditis, and maintaining skin fitness.

6. Hypoglycemic effect
Corn silk has choleretic, diuretic, and hypoglycemic effects, and is often used by folks as a diuretic and heat-clearing and detoxifying.

7. Laxative effect
Corn dregs and corn stalks have a good laxative effect.

How to store bulk frozen sweet corn?

  1. First, remove the corn that needs to be preserved, and remove the outermost corn husk. Be careful not to remove all the corn husks and the fuzz from the corn head.
  2. Then prepare a sealed plastic bag.
  3. Then put the corn into a plastic bag, squeeze out the excess air, and tie a knot at the mouth of the plastic bag
  4. Finally, store the corn in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Learn this trick and keep the corn fresh for a year. Don’t worry about the corn being frozen, take out the corn when you need to eat it, and you can cook and eat it with a slap of the skin.

Why choose us

  1. Raw Material: Natural & Yellow.
  2. Food Quality: Having advanced equipments and facilities in processing areas.
  3. Food Safety: All the processing procedures strictly follow HACCP, ISO, BRC, IFS standard.
  4. Lower Price: Possessing our own production base.
  5. Stable Supply: Near to our raw material origin.
  6. Free sample is OK.


1. What is your sample lead time?

Around 5 ~ 7 days after offer confirmed.

2. What is your Standard Packaging?

A: bulk packing is 1x10kgs/ctn.

B: retail packing such as 10x1kg/ctn, 20x500g/ctn, 4×2.5kgs/ctn, 20x1lbs/ctn, all can be.

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