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Effect And Function Of Slime Mushroom

Effect And Function Of Slime Mushroom

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Effect and function of slime mushroom

Slime mushroom, commonly known as slime mushroom, also called pearl mushroom.

It is a kind of wood rot fungus with sticky and slippery lid.

The taste is delicious, and the texture is smooth and crisp.

It is rich in crude protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin and other amino acids required by human body, and is one of the main cultivated edible and medicinal bacteria varieties.

The growth environment of edible fungi is mainly composed of temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and soil, so is the growth environment of slippery mushroom.

The environment favored by slippery mushroom refers to the specific state of various elements of the environment needed for normal growth of slippery mushroom.

According to the temperature at which fruiting bodies occur, the mushroom can be divided into low temperature type, medium temperature type and high temperature type.

Different types of normal growth state, the temperature requirements are different.

[1] Temperature.

① The temperature requirements of mycelium.
There was no significant difference in the temperature requirement of mycelium growth among different varieties.
The general space temperature is between 8 and 12℃, which is also the most suitable temperature for mycelium growth.
② The requirement of fruiting body on temperature.
The requirement of temperature for the growth of the mushroom fruiting body, different varieties need different temperatures, which is also the standard of variety classification.

  • Low temperature type, fruiting temperature between 5~10℃.
  • Medium temperature type, fruiting temperature between 7~12℃.
  • High temperature type, fruiting temperature between 7~20℃.

[2] Humidity.

① Bacterial stage
You need to keep the environment dry.

② Over the summer management period
At this time, the ground space is sprayed with water to cool down, increase ventilation after spraying, and also to maintain a dry environment.

③ Fruiting stage
The relative humidity of the space should be kept between 85 and 95%.

[3] Illumination.

① Mycelium growth stage, can grow in the dark, do not need light.

② In the growth stage of fruiting bodies, sufficient scattered light is needed.

[4] Air.

Both mycelium and fruiting body need sufficient oxygen supply during the growth stage.

[5] Soil.

① Soil condition is generally represented by PH value, and also includes soil water content.

② The optimum PH value for normal growth of mycelium is 5~6, which belongs to weakly acidic soil.

③ The soil water content was between 60 and 65%.

These are the conditions that smooth mushrooms like to grow in.

Such a growing environment refers to the natural environment.

Artificial cultivation, is to simulate such a natural environment, with culture material instead of soil, let the mushroom grow in such an environment.

But when simulating this kind of environment, there will be many specific problems, cultivation should be solved according to the specific situation.

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