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Frozen Fruit: A Healthy Choice

Frozen Fruit: A Healthy Choice

Frozen fruit is one of the healthiest frozen dietary staples out there and is incredibly versatile. It’s a great snack or addition to any meal and usually can be found in every store’s freezer section. Though fresh fruit is always ideal, frozen fruit has some important advantages that make it a good alternative.

Types of Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit comes in a variety of types and styles. Whole pieces of fruit like berries, mangoes, pineapple, and others can simply be found in bags in their unaltered form. There are also ready-made smoothies and blends, which can be especially helpful if you want to add multiple fruits to a recipe without having to buy and prepare each one separately. Another type is frozen fruit puree, which can be especially useful when creating desserts or other dishes that need a sweet component.

The Benefits of Frozen Fruit

One of the best reasons to choose frozen fruit is its convenience. This doesn’t require any peeling, chopping, blending, or other preparation like fresh fruit requires. You can also purchase frozen fruit in bulk, which can help you save money and get a denser nutrient dose with each serving. Frozen fruit is also typically cheaper than fresh fruit, and the longer shelf life means you can have fresh fruit year-round with no worries about spoilage or nutrition loss.

In addition, frozen fruit is just as nutritious as fresh. Freezing does not cause a significant decrease in nutrient value, as the nutrients are locked in as soon as the fruit is frozen. Eating frozen fruit can also help you get additional nutrients in your diet as it helps you reach your five-a-day fruit and vegetable goal.

Choosing the Right Frozen Fruit

When you are buying frozen fruit, there are some important things to consider. Choose only frozen fruits without added sugar, as those can significantly increase the level of sugar and other unhealthy components like sodium. Unsweetened fruit is always the best choice as it has a fuller taste and less predigested sugars in it.

You should also try to avoid fruits with added syrups. Since these can be higher in calories and sugar, you should only purchase them if you are wanting to limit your overall sugar intake. You can always add a small amount of honey or other sweetener to the fruit for flavor if needed.

When to Use Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit can be used in a variety of different ways and is incredibly versatile. It can be used in smoothies, shakes, baked goods, sauces, and much more. It can also be a great snack and addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also use frozen fruit to provide a range of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Frozen fruit is an incredibly healthy and versatile frozen dietary staple. It can fit into many dishes and provide a range of essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. When selecting frozen fruit, you should choose ones without added sugar, syrups, or other unhealthy components. It’s a simple, nutrient-rich way to get your five-a-day recommended fruit and vegetable servings.

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