Frozen Red Chile

Frozen Red Chile

Capsicum or capsaicin, which can be used as a stomachic agent, can promote appetite and improve digestion. The animal test (Bassof stomach hyena) proves that pepper water stimulates the oral mucosa and reflexively enhances the movement of the stomach. Seasonings made from various types of peppers ca


Product Name 

IQF Red Chile    

Produce date

July, August, September


Fresh Red Chile


Natural length




Inner bags packed in 500g/1000g/2000g, outer package is 10kg/carton, or do package according clients requirements.



Date of delivery

Within 15 days

 frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier

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We’ve got professional science&research Lab and QC team.

Set up new product development section, pesticide residues testing of raw materials division, product standardization laboratory, microbiology laboratory.

Mainly provide quality control and technical support to the factory.


1. Could vou give me better price? 

Generally we would give you our best price,and we have promoption from time to time.

2. Will my monev be refunded if vou sent is not l want? 

OK we would like to refund if vou show the evidence to proof that it was caused byr our faults.

3. What about the payment methods?

We accept T/T, L/C,D/P, Western Union, etc.

Red chill can be stored in the refrigerator for preservation. The storage time is generally about half a month. After a long time, it will not be fresh or easy to deteriorate. If you want to store the peppers for a long time, it is not feasible to store them in the refrigerator directly, so how to store red chill?

Frozen storage is the most direct and easiest way to store red chill. It can be stored for a long time and will not spoil for a year, but it requires enough space in the refrigerator. The taste of frozen red chill and fresh peppers will not be very different. But it takes up more space;

How to store frozen red chill

  1. Prepare the red chill that needs to be frozen. Frozen red chill are generally not cleaned. Wipe the impurities on the surface with kitchen paper;
  2. After cleaning the impurities on the surface, cut off the red chill base, which is more convenient for storage;
  3. Prepare some fresh-keeping bags, put the red chilli peppers in the bag, seal the bag, and try to expel all the air in the bag;
  4. It is very convenient to store it in the refrigerator and use it when you take it out.

As a frozen red chill exporter, our company provides customers with healthy and safe food, our high-quality products and excellent service have been praised by more than 20 countries, you are welcome to contact us anytime.

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