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Where do apricots grow?

Where do apricots grow?

Apricot tree is a perennial deciduous fruit tree native to China. I It is one of the most common fruit trees cultivated in northern China. It is a deciduous tree or shrub. The crown is round or natural semi-circular. Under suitable growth conditions, the crown can reach 6-8 meters. The tree is 10 meters high and grows in the mountains, hills and apricot trees on the dry and thin ground. The height of the trees can reach 3 to 4 meters.

Apricot growing environment

(1) Temperature: Apricots have strong cold resistance, and ordinary apricots can be cultivated in areas south of 44 degrees north latitude. Northeast apricots and Siberian apricots can withstand a low temperature of -30°C during their dormant period, and apricots can also withstand high temperatures. The highest temperature in Hami, Xinjiang is 36.3°C in summer. The apricots grow very well and have excellent quality. The drastic temperature change in spring is very unfavorable to the early flowering apricot trees. 10% lethal standard temperature bud expansion stage -9.4°C, dew red -5.6°C, budding -4.4°C, first flower -3.9°C, full bloom -2.8°C, flower fade -2.2°C. The soil temperature starts to take root at 4-5°C, the average temperature at full flowering stage is 7.5-13°C, the flower bud differentiation temperature is 20°C, and the leaf fall is 1.9-3.2°C.

(2) Illumination: Apricots are native to dry continental regions and are fond of light. The annual sunshine hours are more than 2500-3000 hours. The light compensation point is 3-4 thousand lux, and the light saturation point is 40 thousand lux.

(3) Moisture: Apricot has strong drought resistance, and it still grows well in areas with an annual rainfall of 400-600 mm that are seldom irrigated. But apricot is sensitive to moisture, with abundant rainfall, reasonable distribution, robust growth, and large flowers and fruits. Apricot is not resistant to waterlogging, and the water will cause yellow leaves and fallen leaves for 3 days.

(4) Soil, suitable for growing in places with deep soil, moderate soil moisture, and drier air. Its salt-alkali tolerance is stronger than that of peaches. It can grow normally in soil with a salt content of 0.1% to 0.2%, and grow at a pH of 6.0 to 7.9. The result is normal. Grows well in well-drained, loamy, sandy loam soils.

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