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Tips about bulk frozen edamame beans

Tips about bulk frozen edamame beans

Fresh edamame beans can be frozen. After picking them clean, remove the old stems on both sides, then put them in a fresh-keeping bag to squeeze out the air, and finally put the bulk frozen edamame beans in the refrigerator for frozen storage. However, after freezing, the nutrients contained in it will be destroyed. If it is stored for a long time, the taste and nutrition will decrease.

If fresh edamame is stored at room temperature, it can be stored for 3-5 days, and if it is cooked edamame, it can be stored for 1-2 days. If you want to keep it longer, bulk frozen edamame beans are best kept in the refrigerator.

Bulk frozen edamame beans

If it is fresh fresh edamame, it is recommended to store it in cold storage. It can be stored for 3-5 days, and its nutritional value is higher than that of frozen edamame. Just eat it as soon as possible.

If you don’t know how to preserve edamame, follow me to learn this coup to ensure that edamame can be preserved for a month, and it is still the same as fresh.

How to save bulk frozen edamame beans

1. Select edamame

First of all, when we buy edamame after we get home, we have to do a simple selection first, pick out the edamame that has already infested with insects, or have deteriorated, and throw it away.

Because these spoiled edamame is very unfavorable for subsequent preservation. If it is not thrown away, it will affect the preservation of other edamame, resulting in mildew or even rot during the preservation process. After the edamame is selected, it should be washed briefly with clean water first.

Frozen Edamame Soybeans In Bulk

2. Soak in salt water

Prepare a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of water to the bowl, then add a tablespoon of salt, and stir and melt the salt with chopsticks to make salt water for later use.

After the salt water is prepared, we need to add the prepared edamame to the salt water, and use the salt water to soak the edamame for 5 minutes. Soaking edamame in salt water can not only remove impurities and sterilize bacteria, but also effectively increase the storage time of edamame.

3. Rub, wash and oil

After soaking the edamame, we need to wash it by hand. Because there is a layer of fascia on the surface of edamame, this layer of fascia can be rubbed off after being soaked in salt water. If it is not disposed of, it will affect the taste of edamame.

Knead the cleaned edamame, drain it, add it to three layers of hot oil, stir-fry the edamame for one minute, stir-fry the edamame until it is tender green, immediately remove it from the oil and let it cool.

4. Sealed storage in fresh-keeping bags

After the edamame cools down, we need to prepare a clean fresh-keeping bag, then scoop the edamame into the fresh-keeping bag, and squeeze out the air inside. Finally, you only need to tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and then put the edamame in the refrigerator for refrigerated storage.

When using ziplock bags to store edamame, there is no need to put everything in one ziplock bag. We can prepare a few more fresh-keeping bags, and then put about 200 grams of edamame into each fresh-keeping bag. In this way, when eating edamame, you only need to take a small bag and thaw it, and then you can cook it, which saves time and effort.

How to cook bulk frozen edamame beans

1. Bulk frozen edamame beans must be taken out and thawed in advance before cooking, and then washed with clean water and dried on the surface, then use clean scissors to cut off all the excess parts at both ends, and then soak it in light salt water. During the soaking process, prepare appropriate amount of pepper, aniseed, fragrant leaves and other spices, and wrap them with a clean gauze.

After soaking the bulk frozen edamame beans, take them out, put them directly in a clean pot, add the prepared spice packs, put in an appropriate amount of edible salt, then add enough water and bring to a boil over high heat, then use medium and low heat to cook for 20 minutes. When cooking, the pot must be kept in a slightly boiling state, and the pot should not be covered so that the frozen edamame will be more flavorful after cooking.

bulk frozen edamame beans

Nutritional value of bulk frozen edamame beans

  1. Bulk frozen edamame beans has the effect of relieving fatigue. Edamame is rich in potassium, which can prevent excessive loss of potassium after sweating, and can effectively relieve fatigue caused by excessive potassium loss.
  2. Bulk frozen edamame beans is good for improving intelligence. Edamame contains lecithin, which is essential for brain development, which can effectively help the brain improve memory and improve intelligence.
  3. Bulk frozen edamame beans can improve lipid metabolism, and the lipid content of edamame is higher than that of ordinary vegetables. The main content is mainly linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are beneficial to improve the lipid metabolism of the human body and help to reduce the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol in the human body.

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