Whole Organic Frozen Okra

Whole Organic Frozen Okra

Okra not only contains calcium equivalent to fresh milk, but also has a calcium absorption rate of 50-60%, which is twice that of milk, so it is an ideal source of calcium. Okra mucilage contains water-soluble pectin and mucin, which can reduce the body’s absorption of sugar, reduce the body’s deman. Organic frozen okra can be served cold or stir-fried, with good taste and nutrition.

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Organic frozen okra is a type of okra that has been organically grown and then frozen for later use. Organic farming practices involve using natural fertilizers, avoiding synthetic pesticides, and protecting biodiversity. By choosing frozen okra, you can be sure that the vegetable is free from harmful chemicals and additives, making it a healthier option.

Organic frozen okra is typically available year-round and is a convenient alternative to fresh okra, especially when fresh produce is not readily available or in season. It’s also a cost-effective option since you can buy only what you need and store the rest in your freezer for later use.

To use frozen okra, simply remove the desired amount from the packaging and thaw it. You can do this by leaving it in the fridge overnight or placing it in cold water for a few minutes. Once thawed,  frozen okra can be used in a wide range of recipes, including soups, stews, curries, and stir-fries.

One of the benefits of using organic frozen okra is that it retains its nutritional value even after being frozen. Okra is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and other essential nutrients. These nutrients are important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, strong bones, and good overall health.

When buying frozen okra, look for products that are sustainably sourced and packaged in eco-friendly materials. This ensures that you are making a responsible choice for both your health and the environment.

In conclusion, organic frozen okra is a convenient and healthy alternative to fresh okra. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy this nutritious vegetable all year round, and it retains its nutritional value even after being frozen.

The process of making organic frozen okra

The process of making frozen okra begins with selecting high-quality organic okra. The okra is then washed and sorted to remove any damaged or spoiled pieces. After that, the okra is typically cut into desired sizes and blanched in hot water for a short period.

Blanching is a process where the okra is briefly boiled in water for around 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the size of the okra pieces. This helps to preserve the vegetable’s color, flavor, and texture, while also killing any bacteria that may be present. After blanching, the okra is quickly cooled in cold water to stop the cooking process.

Once the okra has been blanched and cooled, it is usually flash-frozen to lock in its freshness and nutrients. Flash freezing is a technique where the okra is exposed to very low temperatures, usually below -18℃, for a short period. This rapid freezing process ensures that the okra freezes quickly, preserving its taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Finally, the organic frozen okra is packed in eco-friendly packaging and stored in a freezer until it is ready to be sold. The packaging is designed to protect the okra from freezer burn and other damage, ensuring it stays fresh and delicious until it’s time to cook.



whole organic frozen okra


IQF Whole Okra, IQF Okra Cut, IQF Sliced Okra


Dia: Max.20mm; length: 60-90mm; Dia: max.20mm; 

length: 80-100mm or as per customers’ requirements


10kgs carton loose packing, 10kgs carton with inner consumer package 

or according to customers’ requirements


Produced 100% from natural and pure okra without any other ingredients 

or food additives


20-22mts/40 feet container according to different package

Payment Terms:

L/C or T/T


Any quantity can be mixed with other products

Shelf Life: 

24 months in -18’C storage

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Qingdao, China

Delivery Time:

10-15 days after confirmation of order



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All year round


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frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier

Okra can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer, or in the freezer, because both storage methods can prolong the storage time of okra. Refrigeration can maintain a relatively balanced low-temperature environment and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. The refrigeration time is about 7 days, while the freezing temperature is lower and can be stored for a longer time.

The nutritional value and efficacy of okra are as follows:

  1. Improve male reproductive function: Okra contains flavonoid chemicals, which can stimulate the generation of male reproductive cells. For male infertility and decreased reproductive function, eating okra properly can improve fertility and reproductive function.
  2. Assist in reducing high blood pressure: Okra is also rich in a certain amount of potassium, and potassium can well offset the increase in blood pressure caused by sodium and water retention caused by excessive sodium, so in terms of assisting in reducing high blood pressure, also have a positive effect.
  3. Improve immunity: Okra is rich in polysaccharide chemicals, and polysaccharide chemicals can stimulate the production of immune substances in the body. Therefore, for people with low resistance and easy to get sick, eat okra properly. Promote the increase in the number of immune substances in the body, which has a positive effect in improving the body’s immunity.
  4. Prevent and relieve constipation: Okra is rich in a certain amount of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber can absorb water to expand and promote the formation of stool. At the same time, the dietary fiber in okra can also mechanically stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote fecal excretion, so it has positive nutritional value in preventing and relieving constipation.

Storage of organic frozen okra

  1. Fresh okra can generally be stored in the refrigerator for about seven days. It can be wrapped in white newspaper, then wrapped with a layer of plastic bag or plastic wrap, and placed in the refrigerator.
  2. It should be noted that because okra is very susceptible to scratches, it will turn black soon after scratches, so whether it is selected or stored, it must be picked and placed individually without squeezing. It’s best to pack them in ziploc bags before putting them in the refrigerator, and try to lay them flat in a row.
  3. And don’t let the okra directly touch the ice cubes or ice water, because once the okra touches the ice, the whole okra will become very soft and rotten and lose its original elastic taste.

How to store okra if you can’t finish it

1. Pay attention to the storage temperature

Under normal circumstances, late summer and early autumn are the best seasons for okra to go on the market. At this time, because there are a large number of okra entering the market, the price is relatively cheap, and people may buy a lot of okra at one time. However, the okra medicine should be stored at a temperature of 7-10°, and do not touch ice cubes and cold water, because if someone accidentally puts the okra into the ice water, the okra will quickly become soft and rotten.

2. The storage period of okra is limited

Okra is generally stored at room temperature, and can no longer be eaten for up to 10 days, because if okra is stored at a higher temperature, it is easy to age, turn yellow, or even rot, and it will cause stomach upset after eating. Therefore, when we buy okra, we should carefully choose the varieties that have no scars on the surface, do not feel hard, are more flexible when pinched, and have hairy edges and corners, which is the best.

3. Okra can be refrigerated and frozen

If you can’t finish the okra at one time, we need to store it reasonably. You can store the okra by blanching, or put the okra in a fresh-keeping bag or a fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator, and keep it refrigerated. Of course, okra can also be stored frozen. After the okra is blanched, drained, scrubbed and put into a fresh-keeping bag, and then frozen, it can be well preserved.





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1. How can I get the samples?

A: Sample is free, but the flight cost should be negotiated, since frozen foods need to be deliver with dry ice, the cost is expensive, and the freigh cost can be return if order made.

2. What is your sample lead time?

Around 5~7 days after offer confirmed.

3. What is your standard packaging?

A: Bulk packing is 1x10kgs/ctn

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4. What is your MOQ?

Our products are frozen foods, it could only be shipped by 20′ and 40′ reefer container. So our MOQ is one 20′ container. But in this 20′ container, you could mix several products together.

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