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Peeled Frozen Mandarin Oranges

Peeled Frozen Mandarin Oranges

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Orange has the effect of beauty, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer and eliminating fatigue; Tangerines are the mature fruits of many kinds of tangerines such as tangerines and tangerines in the rutaceae family. They are often called citrus together with tangerines. They are bright in color, sweet and sour, and are one of the most common fruits in our daily life. Packaged mandarin oranges are fresh mandarin oranges that have been packaged for sale in stores. They are usually pre-peeled, easy to eat and are commonly sold in snack-sized containers for convenience. They can be found in most grocery stores and supermarkets, and are a popular snack food due to their sweet taste and portability.

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Fujian, China (mainland)


Sharp Dragon


whole: broken, 8:2




Nov-Next Jan




IQF frozen

Self life

24 months at -18°C

Successfully Exported countries

USA, Canada, Europe , Israel, and Etc.

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Peeled Frozen Mandarin Oranges

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Peeled Frozen Mandarin Oranges

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1.Technical preparation process:

Before preparing to produce products, we first select excellent raw materials, and then carry out standardized processing.

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The product is processed in a specialized workshop.

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Our product supply is stable.We will arrange the transportation in time after you place the order.


1.Does the goods delivered just to the port or direct to warehouse? 

Usually we do the delivery by 40RH container to your destination port instead of to your warehouse.

2.What are the types of packaging available?

Retail and bulk packing are ok, we can do it as your need.

3.What is the MOQ for the sample order?

Any quantity is ok.

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