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IQF Black Currant

IQF Black Currant

Blackcurrant contains rich protein and carbohydrates. In total carbohydrates, glucose accounts for 43% and fructose accounts for 57%. Glucose can directly supply energy to the body. Fructose can not only replenish energy, but also inhibit protein consumption in the body.

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Black currant black face is rich in anthocyanins and vitamin C, so the nutritional value of black currant is very high, black currant can be directly juiced or can be made into jam or canned, black currant made by the beverage is very delicious and loved by people.

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First of all, black currant as a kind of small berry food, it as a fruit can be eaten raw, we will black currant and ordinary fruit as clean, you can directly into the mouth to eat raw, you can also mix it with other fruits, put it into the juice machine to juice to drink. Blackcurrant and blueberry can also be used to make a sauce, so first of all we’re going to get some fresh blackcurrant, we’re going to clean it, we’re going to drain it, we’re going to put it in a pot, we’re going to boil it, we’re going to take it out, we’re going to put it in a bowl, we’re going to grind the blackcurrant with a spoon, and then we’re going to mix the blackcurrant with some caster sugar, some carrageenan, Add to the pan and then we’ll take it out, put it in a sterile, dry bottle and simmer, wait about 15 minutes, the blackcurrant is a little bit thick, in the seed, store it in the fridge.
Black currant can also be used to make bread and so on, it is also very delicious to eat, first we will clean the black currant, dry the water, and then prepare some gluten flour, and put the egg into a bowl, put some white sugar, stir well, and then prepare some corn oil and some condensed milk, we will put the flour in, and then add the black currant and stir well. Then we put the batter in a small bowl, brush in a little oil, then put the blackcurrant in, put it in the pan and steam it for about 15 minutes, and you have a very delicious blackcurrant bread.


Description Grade a wholesale fruit iqf frozen black currant
Stype Frozen, IQF
Shape Whole
Storage Minus 18 centigrade or less
Season July-August
Packing Normally it is 10kgx1/ctn, we could pack per your request
Origin Liaoning
Successfully exported countries USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and etcetera
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Blackcurrant and grapes are very similar, but blackcurrant and grapes are not the same, there are many differences between them, for example, blackcurrant as a fruit, it is rich in nutritional value, and taste sweet, blackcurrant as a fruit, not only can be used to eat raw, it has a variety of practices.
When we eat blackcurrant in normal life, we generally ask him to clean it and eat it raw directly in his mouth, but there are many kinds of blackcurrant practices, such as it can be used to make popsicles, and it can also be used to make porridge. In summer, it is very hot, everyone will buy popsicles from the supermarket, but if there are black currants at home, you can use black currants to make popsicles. We prepare some fresh black currants, as well as some pure water, white sugar and milk, put the black currants in water for a period of time, wash them, drain the water, and then put them in the juicer. Put the pure water and sugar into it, start the juicer, make it into juice, and then pour it into the bowl, add some milk, stir well after we pour the black currant milk into the mold, and then insert a stick, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it.
Black currant can also be used to make porridge, we prepare some black currant, as well as wolfberry and millet, first put millet in water for a period of time, after washing the head, and then clean the black currant, as well as wolfberry, we will put all the ingredients together in a rice cooker, and then add the right amount of warm water and then start the porridge mode, and so on after the rice cooker is cooked, This is a very delicious black currant millet porridge, you can also add some other ingredients, such as honey or sugar.
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The main producing area of blackcurrant is the Great Khingan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province. Huachuan County 15000 acres of black currant planting base, the base is built in the township close to the county seat and convenient transportation. Annual production of 30,000 tons of black currant.
There is also a large area of wild blackcurrant in the northern part of Xinjiang. Xinjiang blackcurrant production is in the initial stage, in Jimsar, Tacheng, Yili area planted more than 600 mu. Altai area is one of the origin of black currant has cultivated more than 1200 mu (the maximum yield of 300 kg per mu) international origin mainly Russia, Malaysia, the United States. Black bean fruit ripening period is generally in mid-late July, different varieties of harvesting time is also different.
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Black currant is a cool fruit, black currant is a summer and autumn fruit, black currant is not available all year round, generally in July to August began to ripen usually in August black currant is the best.
Blackcurrant season
Blackcurrant is a rich fruit in August, commonly produced in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Greater Khingan Mountains and Xinjiang Jimsar, Tacheng, Yizheng these places, usually blackcurrant prefer warm and sunny places, suitable for planting in moist and fertile soil. Heilongjiang blackcurrant: Heilongjiang blackcurrant will be launched in mid-to-late July in the spring, with thick meat, mellow taste and seedless characteristics Xinjiang blackcurrant: Xinjiang blackcurrant is generally launched from July to September, with high yield, chewy, dark color and sweet taste characteristics. Inner Mongolia blackcurrant: Inner Mongolia blackcurrant is often marketed in July – August each year, with large particles, sweet, soft and greasy meat characteristics

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1. How to provide quality assurance, if I give you an order?

We clean sorted from very fresh raw black currant materials without residue, damaged or rotten ones. All products processed in experienced factories. Supervised by our QC team. Already by BRC, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO certificated. 

2. How long is the shelf life about black currant?

24 months in -18 degree storage.

3. Are you a trading company?

We are a trading company who has been in this line for many years.

Black currant has the functions of enhancing immunity and preventing arteriosclerosis. Black currant is black currant, which itself belongs to a kind of fruit with relatively rich nutritional value. It is relatively low in calories and rich in vitamin B and vitamin C. In addition, black currant also contains more potassium ions, calcium ions and other minerals. After ingesting the human body, it can play a role in supplementing calcium and potassium. When eating black currant, milk should not be eaten at the same time, nor should it be excessive.

The efficacy and role of black currant

  1. Eating it can protect teeth, and when the human body lacks a lot of vitamin C, it can cause people’s gums to recede and regress. The vitamin C in black currant can be said to be very rich, it not only has the effect of protecting people’s teeth, but also can prevent various symptoms such as redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums. It is especially suitable for people who suffer from occasional bleeding gums and tooth pain.
  2. Eating it can protect liver function. The liver in the human body is an organ that regulates metabolism. People with poor liver function are prone to suffer from fatty liver disease. The main symptoms of poor liver function in humans are mainly: Loss of appetite and nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. There are a lot of trace elements in black currant. These trace elements can protect the normal functioning of liver function, which is very suitable for patients with liver function diseases.
  3. Eating it can improve visual function. Black currant contains a rich special antioxidant bioactive substance, which can improve people’s myopia, and the main reason for the formation of myopia is due to genetic factors. Action and overuse. In recent years, myopia among young students in my country has gradually increased. High myopia can easily lead to eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment. Therefore, black currant has the effect of improving the visual function of the human body. In normal times, we must always pay attention to eye hygiene, so as not to cause eye damage and protect people’s eyesight.
  4. Eating it can delay aging. In fact, the substance in black currant has the effect of delaying aging. It is especially suitable for female friends who love beauty. And black currant not only has the effect of delaying aging, but it also has a whitening effect after eating.
  5. Eating it can relieve gout. Gout is a very common disease. It is a joint disease. Its main symptoms are unbearable joint pain, body temperature will gradually rise, and joints will appear swollen and painful. Swelling and other discomforts. The substances contained in black currant have the effect of relieving the symptoms of gout, and during the period of suffering from gout, it is not allowed to consume any alcohol. It has been proved by experiments that excessive obesity can also lead to the occurrence of gout, so in the usual life In order to maintain good health, pay attention to proper exercise and drink plenty of water.

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