Hot Selling IQF Black Currant

Hot Selling IQF Black Currant

Blackcurrant contains rich protein and carbohydrates. In total carbohydrates, glucose accounts for 43% and fructose accounts for 57%. Glucose can directly supply energy to the body. Fructose can not only replenish energy, but also inhibit protein consumption in the body.

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Description Grade a wholesale fruit iqf frozen black currant
Stype Frozen, IQF
Shape Whole
Storage Minus 18 centigrade or less
Season July-August
Packing Normally it is 10kgx1/ctn, we could pack per your request
Origin Liaoning
Successfully exported countries USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and etcetera
frozen food supplierTop Grade wholesale fruit iqf frozen black currant

Why Choose Us

We cooperate more than 15 factories in different areas of China to meet your different needs. All these factories are equipped with advanced equipment, standard workroom, qualified labs. The factories are certificated with ISO22000, KOSHER, BRC, and the product meet ECO standard. We have exported our product to more than 20 countries, the customers spoke highly of our quality and service. We are a professional hot selling iqf black currant factory, you are welcome to contact us anytime.


1. How to provide quality assurance, if I give you an order?

We clean sorted from very fresh raw black currant materials without residue, damaged or rotten ones. All products processed in experienced factories. Supervised by our QC team. Already by BRC, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO certificated. 

2. How long is the shelf life about black currant?

24 months in -18 degree storage.

3. Are you a trading company?

We are a trading company who has been in this line for many years.

Black currant has the functions of enhancing immunity and preventing arteriosclerosis. Black currant is black currant, which itself belongs to a kind of fruit with relatively rich nutritional value. It is relatively low in calories and rich in vitamin B and vitamin C. In addition, black currant also contains more potassium ions, calcium ions and other minerals. After ingesting the human body, it can play a role in supplementing calcium and potassium. When eating black currant, milk should not be eaten at the same time, nor should it be excessive.

The efficacy and role of black currant

  1. Eating it can protect teeth, and when the human body lacks a lot of vitamin C, it can cause people’s gums to recede and regress. The vitamin C in black currant can be said to be very rich, it not only has the effect of protecting people’s teeth, but also can prevent various symptoms such as redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums. It is especially suitable for people who suffer from occasional bleeding gums and tooth pain.
  2. Eating it can protect liver function. The liver in the human body is an organ that regulates metabolism. People with poor liver function are prone to suffer from fatty liver disease. The main symptoms of poor liver function in humans are mainly: Loss of appetite and nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. There are a lot of trace elements in black currant. These trace elements can protect the normal functioning of liver function, which is very suitable for patients with liver function diseases.
  3. Eating it can improve visual function. Black currant contains a rich special antioxidant bioactive substance, which can improve people’s myopia, and the main reason for the formation of myopia is due to genetic factors. Action and overuse. In recent years, myopia among young students in my country has gradually increased. High myopia can easily lead to eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment. Therefore, black currant has the effect of improving the visual function of the human body. In normal times, we must always pay attention to eye hygiene, so as not to cause eye damage and protect people’s eyesight.
  4. Eating it can delay aging. In fact, the substance in black currant has the effect of delaying aging. It is especially suitable for female friends who love beauty. And black currant not only has the effect of delaying aging, but it also has a whitening effect after eating.
  5. Eating it can relieve gout. Gout is a very common disease. It is a joint disease. Its main symptoms are unbearable joint pain, body temperature will gradually rise, and joints will appear swollen and painful. Swelling and other discomforts. The substances contained in black currant have the effect of relieving the symptoms of gout, and during the period of suffering from gout, it is not allowed to consume any alcohol. It has been proved by experiments that excessive obesity can also lead to the occurrence of gout, so in the usual life In order to maintain good health, pay attention to proper exercise and drink plenty of water.

Our company is a hot selling iqf black currant factory, if you need to wholesale a large amount of black currant, please contact us, we look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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