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Frozen Yellow Peach Half

Frozen Yellow Peach Half

The nutrients contained in the peach can accelerate the flow of blood. It can play a role in promoting blood circulation. Some of the symptoms that people usually develop due to poor blood flow, such as purple spots and blood stasis, have an elimination effect. Yellow peach is not only rich in nutri

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Description Frozen Half Yellow Peach 
Stype Frozen, IQF
Shape Diced, Segments, Halves
Processing type Peeled and Blanched Or Unpeeled and Unblanched
Season End of July-end of Aug
Packing 20x500g/ctn, 10x1kg/ctn, 6×2.5lbs/ctn, (Or as per the clients’ requirements)
Origin FuJian, China
Successfully exported countries USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and etcetera

frozen yellow peach halves

frozen peaches price

Frozen Yellow Peach

Why Choose Us

Our factory is specialized in vegetable and fruit planting, processing as well as exporting, is located seaport city-XIAMEN.

We has achieved national exporting certificate, registered in FDA and passed BRC, HACCP, the factory has set up own cooperation farm occupying area of 3330000 square  meters, have two professional production frozen lines and import Urschel cutting and others advanced processing equipment, the annual output can reach more than 8000 tons with the capacity of 10000tons low temperature frozen storage.  

Our company specializes in selling frozen half yellow peach, if you are interested in our products, you are welcome to visit our factory.


1. Is LCL ok?

It is frozen product, LCL is not acceptable, but we can mix several kinds of goods in one full container.

2. Do you ever exported your products to our country before?

Our products have been sent to: North America, South America (Uruguay, Panama, Brazil), Australia, Asian, Russia, EU, Middle East (Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia).

3. Can your factory print or emboss my own logo on the package?

Yes, we can print or emboss the logo on the package, and in fact we have very rich experience for many years.

How to save frozen half yellow peach

After washing the yellow peach, peel it and remove the core, soak it in salt water for 5 minutes, it can remove some pesticide residues and has the effect of disinfection.

Cut the yellow peach into small pieces and put it in a plastic bag and seal it.

For family production, you can put the yellow peach in the refrigerator for about a day and wait until it freezes. The factory generally freezes yellow peaches at a temperature of minus 35 degrees Celsius for 40-60 minutes. Frozen half yellow peaches can be stored for 1-3 months, or even longer.

Nutritional value of peach

Yellow peach has the functions of clearing the intestines and moistening the stool, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, anti-aging, and improving immunity.

  1. Open intestines and moisten stools: Yellow peach is a common fruit that is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, which can speed up the peristalsis in the intestines, and usually moisten stools to prevent constipation symptoms.
  2. Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis: Brown sugar contains very special substances, which can promote the rapid flow of blood in the body and play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
  3. Anti-aging: The vitamins and carotene contained in yellow peach can play an antioxidant effect and prevent aging.
  4. Improve immunity: Yellow peach contains a lot of trace elements and vitamins, which can effectively enhance the body’s immunity and improve physical fitness.

Xiamen sharp dragon has been specializing in the production of frozen half yellow peach for over 20 years. Our company’s mission is to provide customers and consumers with the widest range of healthy, delicious food choices of the highest quality, competitive prices and excellent service. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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