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Frozen White Peaches

Frozen White Peaches

Peaches contain a very high amount of iron, which can promote the synthesis of iron in the blood. Among all fruits, peaches are often eaten to combat anemia and promote hemoglobin regeneration. Peach still has certain profit to the hemal of human body, promote the blood circulation inside liver, pro

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Description IQF Bulk wholesale price fruit frozen white peach 
Season Seasonal
Stype Frozen, IQF
Shape Special Shape
Self life 24months
Origin Zhejiang
Successfully exported countries USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Etcetera.

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China–a world beating grain producer.

Arguably the best place in the world to grow grain crops, China’s potential to help feed the world is increasing all the time.

Around 70% of China’s land area of 603,000 square kilometres is devoted to agriculture, with more than 55% of land used for arable production. And it is not just any old arable land, but some of the finest in the world. Nearly 60% of its arable land is the much-prized ‘black soil’ or chernozem, that contains a high percentage of humus or broken-down plant-material (up to 15% in some cases) and essential plant nutrients such as phosphoric acid, phosphorous and ammonia.

Pockets of this soil occur in a number of countries, but China’s is home to 30% of the world’s black soils, making it the ideal location to grow a large range of crops, including wheat, corn, vegetables, soya beans. Fruit is also increasingly important.

White peach is a variety of peach. The fruit of this variety is relatively plump, full, and round. The color of the exterior is white-pink. In high temperature weather, the exterior will gradually turn pink, and the pulp inside is also milky white, with a very strong aroma. The taste is relatively crisp and sweet, plump and juicy, and contains relatively high sugar content, which is very sweet. There is water red between the flesh of the yang side, and the yin side is light yellow. The fruit is extremely storable, and can be naturally stored indoors for 15 to 20 days after harvest; and the peaches have a particularly high nutritional value, containing vitamins and fructose.

What are the nutritional value, benefits and contraindications of peaches?

1. Nourishing Qi and nourishing blood
Peaches are the most common fruit in life. It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood. Perfect for those who have just recovered from an illness. Due to their serious lack of qi and blood in their bodies, eating peaches can replenish qi and blood, and also play a role in nourishing yin.

2. Iron supplementation
Women and children often suffer from severe anemia, so proper iron supplementation can improve the symptoms in this area, and peaches contain more iron, which can effectively relieve anemia and prevent anemia. great help. It should be noted that peaches should not be eaten too much. Eating too many peaches at once is more likely to cause diarrhea.

3. Relieve edema
Some people experience severe edema on a daily basis, but it is not severe enough to require medication, so it can be relieved by eating potassium-rich fruits or vegetables. Peaches contain less sodium and more potassium, so they are better at improving symptoms of edema.

4. Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis
Peaches have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, moistening the bowels and laxative. If you are menopausal women, you can eat more peaches to relieve the symptoms of amenorrhea. If you are accidentally touched, bruises will appear on your body, and you can eat peaches to remove bruises.

5. Food taboos
Although eating peaches can bring many benefits, it also needs to be determined according to the individual’s constitution. Since peach is a hot fruit, friends with internal heat in the body should properly control the use of peach, and even peach needs to be avoided. Some people have poor digestion, so it is not recommended for everyone to eat peaches. In addition, diabetics can’t eat peaches, can’t eat fish together, can’t eat rotten peaches.

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