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Frozen Mixed Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

Frozen Mixed Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

Vegetables can neutralize stomach acid. Vegetables are rich in cellulose, which is good for promoting gastrointestinal motility. It can promote digestion and prevent constipation. It also provides vitamin C, carotene, minerals and dietary fiber to the body. The crude fiber of dehydrated vegetable chips can promote defecation, thereby preventing the accumulation of toxins in the body, ensuring the body’s metabolism, and thus beneficial to health.


BRC Certified Frozen Mixed Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

Production Process of Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

Dehydrated vegetable chips are a popular snack made by removing the moisture from vegetables while retaining their nutrients and flavor. The production process of dehydrated vegetable chip typically involves the following steps:

  1. Selection and Preparation of Vegetables: The first step is to select high-quality vegetables and clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. The vegetables are then sliced, diced, or cut into shapes depending on the desired end product.
  2. Blanching: Blanching involves briefly immersing the vegetables in boiling water to stop enzyme activity that can cause browning and spoilage. This step helps to preserve the color and quality of the vegetables.
  3. Drying: After blanching, the vegetables are placed in a commercial-grade dehydrator that removes moisture from the vegetables. The drying process may take several hours, during which the temperature and humidity are carefully controlled to ensure optimal results.
  4. Flavors and Seasonings: Once the vegetables are dry, they can be seasoned with various flavors or seasonings such as herbs, spices, or salt. The seasoning can be applied using a spray or tumble coating method, ensuring an even distribution of flavor.
  5. Packaging and Storage: The final step is to package the dehydrated vegetable chips in airtight bags or containers to prevent moisture absorption and extend shelf life. The packaging should be labeled with critical information such as the expiration date, ingredients, and nutritional value. The dehydrated vegetable chip can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place for several months.

Product Details

Description IQF Production line price bulk frozen mixed dehydrated vegetable chips from china
Season All year around
Type Frozen, IQF
Size Meet your need
Self life 24months
Packing Normally it is 10kgx1/ctn, Or as per the clients’ requirements
Origin Fujian
Successfully Exported countries USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Etcetera.

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  1. We have more than 20 years frozen products exporting experience., we can supply you very high quality product.
  2. Natural & Green, sound and tender are the main characteristics.
  3. We have advanced equipments and facilities in our processing areas which enable us to produce high quality products.
  4. All the processing procedures strictly follow HACCP, BRC, food safety is ensured.


1. Are u a manufacturer or a trade company?

We are a trading company with own factory who have been in this line since 2009, we are major in chinese agricultural products planting, processing & exportation.

2. Can your factory print or emboss my own logo on the package?

Yes, we can print or emboss the logo on the package, and in fact we have very rich experience for many years.

3. Can I get a free sample from your company?

Normally our samples are free of charge, but it should be collected by yourself.

4. How long does it take you to finish a sample?

If there is stock, sample will be sent in 24 hours. If not, it takes 3~5 days to make.

Dehydrated vegetable chips are dried vegetables made by artificially adding vegetables to remove most of the water. After the dehydrated vegetable chip are made, they taste very delicious, and they also retain the original nutrients of the vegetables. The most important thing is that the dehydrated vegetables are small in size and light in weight, have a long shelf life, and are very convenient to transport. Dehydrated vegetables will automatically recover when exposed to water. With these advantages, dehydrated vegetable chip has gradually become a favorite vegetable of the majority of residents.

Are Dehydrated Vegetable Chips Nutritious?

Dehydrated vegetable chip, also known as rehydrated vegetables, are dried vegetables made from fresh vegetables after washing, drying, etc., and most of the moisture in dehydrated vegetable chip is made. The original color and nutrient composition of vegetables remained basically unchanged. Dehydrated vegetable chip is not only easy to store and transport, but also can effectively regulate vegetable production in low and high seasons. Compared with other fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetable chips have the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy to transport and eat. When eaten, it is not only delicious and fresh, but also maintains the original nutritional value. When eating, it can be restored by immersing it in water, and the original color, nutrition and flavor of the vegetables are preserved.

Advantages of Eating Dehydrated Vegetable Chip

Maybe no one specifically eats dehydrated vegetable chip, but many people have eaten them unintentionally. The most common one is that in the seasoning package of instant noodles, there will be a vegetable package, which will contain some dehydrated vegetables, such as carrots, green onions and the like .

By dehydrating vegetables, many seasonal vegetables can be preserved and then eaten out of season. And because the moisture content of dehydrated vegetables is very small, the volume is very small and the weight is very light. When in use, just soak in water and it will return to its original shape.

Although dehydrated vegetable chips may also have a taste problem, which is not as delicious as fresh vegetables, but the nutritional value has been preserved, and the actual effect is almost the same as that of fresh vegetables.

Freeze drying is a drying method commonly used by dehydrated vegetable manufacturers when making dehydrated vegetables, and the main advantages of using this drying method are:

  1. Keep the nutritional ingredients intact, and retain the original shape, color and structure of the food.
  2. After adding water, it can quickly and completely recover, making the food more concentrated.
  3. It can be stored for a long time at room temperature without adding any preservatives.
  4. Dehydrated vegetable chips are light in weight, easy to carry and transport, and have lower shipping costs.
  5. Dehydrated vegetable chip will not produce any shrinkage. After the cells release water, they retain nutritional fibers and solids, so that its entire structure is well preserved, and it also makes vegetables easy to rehydrate quickly.
  6. In the general freeze-drying process, the outer layer of vegetables will form an insulating layer to prevent the evaporation of water inside. That is to say, the vegetables are dehydrated from the outside to the inside, which means that at an appropriate temperature, it takes more time to dry the inside of the vegetables. In fact, 80% of the time in general freeze-drying is used to remove the last 20% of the water in the vegetables.

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