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Frozen Chives For Sale

Frozen Chives For Sale

Chives contains a lot of cellulose. Cellulose can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, help digestion, increase appetite, promote intestinal activity, promote food digestion, and prevent constipation, rectal cancer and other diseases. Modern medical research has also found that , chives not o

Product Description

Product: IQF green chives 
Standard: Grade A;
  Produced 100% from natural and pure green onion without any other 
  ingredients or food additives
Type: IQF green onion dice, IQF green onion cut
Size: Dia: 5mm; length: 5mm; 
  or cut according to per customers’ requiremen
Package: Outer package: 10kgs carboard carton;

Inner package: 1x10kg blue PE bag or according to customers’ requirements.

Standard: Grade A;
  Produced 100% from natural and pure green chives without any other 
  ingredients or food additives
Stow: 18.5mts/40 feet container according to different package
MOQ:  Any quantity can be mixed with other products
Shelf Life:  24 months in -18’C storage
Loading Port: Qingdao, China
Price Term: FOB, CNF or CIF
Payment Term: L/C or T/T
Delivery Time:  7-15 days after confirmation of order or receipt of deposit
Other information:

1)Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue,

 damaged or rotten ones;

  2)Processed in the experienced factories;
  3)Supervised by our QC group;

4)Our products have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Europe, 

Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, USA and Canada etc.

Supplying Period: All year round

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Hot types green IQF onion Frozen chive processing:

-Collect the raw materail from own plant bases and contacted bases.

-To remove the outer skin,demages and defective material then to processing,without any impurities.

-To process it under food system control of HACCP, ISO22000, BRC, FDA etc.

-QC team supervisions the whole process.

-If all the processing chart is going well without any problem then to pack the products accordingly.

-To keep it in the store below -18 centigrade degree.


1. How do you deliver the goods? What are your MOQ?

We ship our products in refrigerator container and keep the temp, below -18℃ Our MOQ is one 20 RF container.

2. What kinds of certificate can you provide?


3. What is your company payment term?

Our regular payment term is 30% T/T in advance and 70% balance against B/L copy or 100% L/C at sight.

If you want to keep leeks for a long time, you can wrap the leeks completely with paper towels or kitchen paper and put them in the refrigerator. Such storage time is longer. If you want to keep it longer, you can cut the leeks into sections and store them in the freezer so that they can last forever. You can also chop leeks, leeks, leeks, salt, fresh ginger, and apples together to make leek flower sauce as a condiment, and store them in the refrigerator when you are not in a hurry to eat them.

Nutritional value of chives

  1. Increase appetite. Chives contain plant aromatic volatile oils, which have the effect of increasing appetite.
  2. Liver and stomach. Chives contain special ingredients such as volatile essential oils and sulfides, which emit a unique spicy smell, which helps to relieve liver qi, increase appetite, and enhance digestive function.
  3. Disperse stasis and activate blood. Leek has the functions of dispersing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation and detoxification, which is beneficial to the human body to reduce blood lipids, prevent and treat coronary heart disease, anemia, and arteriosclerosis.
  4. Skin care and eyesight. Leeks are rich in vitamin A. Eating more can not only improve skin care, improve eyesight and moisten the lungs, but also reduce the chance of suffering from colds, colds, asthma and other diseases.
  5. Moisturize the bowels and relieve bowel movements. Leek contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, which can improve gastrointestinal motility, treat constipation, and prevent colon cancer.
  6. Sterilize and reduce inflammation. The sulfur compounds contained in chives have certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, which can inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery, typhoid, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
  7. Beauty and skin care. Chives are rich in vitamin A. Eating leeks can not only improve skin care, improve eyesight, but also effectively reduce the chance of contracting colds, asthma and other diseases.
  8. Lower blood lipids. Chives have the functions of dispersing blood stasis and detoxification. They not only effectively reduce blood lipids, but also prevent coronary heart disease, anemia and arteriosclerosis. Therefore, you might as well eat more leeks.

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