Frozen Blackberries In Bulk

Frozen Blackberries In Bulk

The nutritional value of the blackberry itself is extremely high, and most of it can be eaten, but the fresh blackberry and the rotten blackberry have the opposite effect on the human body, so you need to pay attention to the purchase of fresh blackberry when choosing the blackberry.

IQF Wholesale Good Quality Bulk Frozen Blackberries


Product Name
IQF Frozen Blackberry
15-25mm, 10-20mm or Uncalibrated

Outer package: 10kg carton

Inner package: 1kg, 2.5kg, 10kg or 

as your requirement 


Fully mature ripe blackberries which 

are quick frozen and contain a minimum

of 99% whole fruit, 1% broken, uncalibrated 

size, products to be fully imspected, 90% black color

20-24 mts/40 feet container according to different package
Any quantity can be mixed with other products
Delivery Time
7-15 days after confirmation of order or receipt of deposit
Supplying period
All year round

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Processing Introduction

-Collect the raw material from own planting bases and contacted bases.

-To remove the damaged or defective material and then process without any impurities.

-To process it under food system control of HACCP,ISO22000, BRC,FDA etc.

-QC team supervisions the whole process.

-If all the processing procedure goes well without any problem then to pack the products accordingly.

-To keep it stored in -18 centigrade degree.

Why Choose Us

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What’s your delivery time?

Within 7-15 days after signed the contract.

Please tell the package details?

10kg/carton; 12.5kg/carton; 1kg/bag*10bags per carton; 5kg/bag*2bags per carton or as your requirements.

What about the shipping methods?

For urgent order and small quantity for samples, you can choose the express by DHL/TNT/EMS/FDX or by air; For container quantity, you can choose to deliver the goods by sea to save cost.

What about the payment methods?

We accept T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, etc.

How to freeze bulk frozen blackberries

1. Gently wash the blackberries. After picking ripe, juicy blackberries, wash them gently. Pour the blackberries into a colander and rinse with cool water under the tap while gently shaking or stirring with your fingers. Drain and pat dry excess water with a soft towel. When washing and drying the blackberries, pick out rotten, underripe, or damaged fruit, as well as leaves, dirt, or other debris.

2. Spread the blackberries on a baking sheet. Line a metal pan or tray with parchment paper and spread the blackberries on top without touching each other. Don’t forget to line with parchment paper – without it, the blackberries will freeze on the tray and crumble when you try to remove it.
If there are too many blackberries to spread on the tray, just pour it directly on the tray. But if you want blackberries one by one later, you need to break up the frozen blackberry chunks in this way.
If you have a lot of blackberries and want to keep them one by one, a better idea is to put another layer of parchment paper on top of the first layer of blackberries, so you can use the space for an extra layer of blackberries.

3. Put the blackberries in the refrigerator. Set the tray horizontally in the refrigerator (to prevent the blackberries from rolling over to the side of the tray) and let the blackberries freeze completely. Blackberries can be placed in the refrigerator overnight to ensure they are completely frozen. But don’t forget about it, blackberries will freeze in a few days if left uncovered in the refrigerator.

4. Transfer the blackberries to a freezer-protected bag. When the berries are frozen, pour them into a plastic freezer bag. Squeeze out as much air as possible, then seal the bag and put it back in the refrigerator. The thicker the plastic and the less air, the better. Bags that are too thin or contain air can easily freeze the blackberries.
If you own a vacuum-sealing device, use it to remove air from the plastic bag to better protect your blackberries.
Also, if you think it’s okay to freeze the blackberries together, you can skip the spreading step and place the washed and dried blackberries in a freezer bag. If you do this, the blackberries will freeze into one big chunk, which may not look good, but won’t affect the fruit’s taste.

5. Freeze for six months. Blackberries frozen in this way will last for at least six months, although some sources recommend eight months before eating. Frozen blackberries can be used in cooking and baking recipes (like blackberry pie), or even eaten straight as a semi-frozen dessert, with a sprinkling of sugar.

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