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Freezing Romano Beans

Freezing Romano Beans

Romano beans contain a viral inhibitory component which is present in the water soluble polymer and low molecular weight fraction, which effectively inhibits virus growth. And the amylase inhibitor contained in Romano beans has hypoglycemic effect in the body. In addition, Romano beans contain a var

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Xiamen Sharp Dragon International Trading Co.Ltd is a leading provider of IQF food, mainly to European, Mid East, Russian and North American markets. We are keening on satisfying our customers’ requirements and establish a strong and lasting business relationship with our fellow co-workers and customers.more importantly, we provide a useful source of information on a global leve and offer our customers an extensive range of ingredients and technical support for their products at the best possible value. As a freezing romano beans wholesaler with 15 years of production experience, our professional international trade team has rich experience and can provide you with the best service at any time.


Can you provide relative certicate for clients?

Yes, we can supply certicate like  FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008; BRC;etc.

Please tell the package details?

10kg/carton; 12.5kg/carton; 1kg/bag *10bags per carton; 5kg/bag *2bags per carton or as your requirements.

How to get my own label?

We offer private labeling to everyone. Please understand, private label is an optional and it is avaibale at additional cost. We request you to send us your artwork and details requested by our sales representative.

How to save freezing romano beans

Wash the purchased romano beans in clean water, then blanch them in boiling water. After blanching, put them in a bowl, and then store them in the sun for exposure. After drying, they can be stored until winter.
Romano beans can’t be eaten and can be kept refrigerated. Refrigeration is the most common method, just washing the romano beans, then draining the water and putting them in a ziplock bag, which will keep them for a long time.
You can also choose to freeze it. If you buy too many romano beans, you can’t eat them in a short period of time, and you don’t feel comfortable putting them in the refrigerator. There is no problem for more than a month, but the taste will change. After a long storage time, there will be no very fresh taste.

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