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Bulk IQF Frozen Lingonberry Good Quality

Bulk IQF Frozen Lingonberry Good Quality

Lingonberry can strengthen the capillaries in the eyes, surely, strengthen the capillaries in other organs and tissues of the body to prevent vascular lesions in various organs.

IQF Bulk Frozen Lingonberry For Sale Good Quality




Bulk IQF Frozen Lingonberry Good Quality


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Frozen, IQF

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Normally it is 10kgx1/ctn, Or as per the clients’ requirements



frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier

frozen food supplier

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Open air cultivation grade A IQF frozen lingonberry

Open air cultivation grade A IQF frozen lingonberryOpen air cultivation grade A IQF frozen lingonberry

Open air cultivation grade A IQF frozen lingonberry

Why choose us

  1. Raw material: Natural & Yellow.
  2. Food Quality: Having advanced equipments and facilities in processing areas.
  3. Food Safety: All the processing procedures strictly follw HACCP,ISO,BRC,IFS standard.
  4. Lower Price: Possessing  our own production base.
  5. Stable supply: Near to our raw material origin.
  6. Free sample is OK.



1. What is shelf life of it?

The shelf life will be 12 months when freeze dried fruit Sealed storage in moisture proof, airtight and shady place. Temperature is about 25 degree and, relative humidity is 35%. 

2. What is your packing?

Bulk packing, 10kg packing in a double PE bag, a bag packing in carton.

If you need other packing, like custom retails bag, please kindly contact us.

3. What is the goods ready time?

Ready time: about 5-12 days for 10kg, and we also can send this goods as soon as it possible.

There are many types of lingonberry, mainly rabbit eye lingonberry, narrow-leaf lingonberry, Australian lingonberry, cranberry and so on. The lingonberry is nearly round, blue-black or dark red. Lingonberry is fragrant and juicy, sweet and sour, and contains a variety of vitamins, glucose, organic acids, etc. needed by the human body. It has the functions of protecting eyesight, strengthening capillaries, and anti-oxidation.

How to Freeze lingonberry

Before the fruit is stored in the cold storage, it is pre-cooled to reduce the temperature of the fruit in a short time. In the process of low temperature refrigeration, in order to inhibit the loss of fruit moisture, the humidity of the cold storage should be controlled, and the relative humidity is generally 95%. Under the condition of 1°C-2°C and relative humidity of 95%, it can be kept fresh for up to 30 days.

Our company’s bulk frozen lingonberry for sale, if you are interested in our products please contact us.

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