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Principles of freeze-drying products

Principles of freeze-drying products

Using the principle of quick freezing: make the internal water of mushroom  into small ice crystals, and then use vacuum frying (the oil used can be vegetable oil such as palm oil or cottonseed oil), which is the heat transfer of mushroom under vacuum and through the hot oil medium. The interior evaporates quickly, and at the same time the water vaporizes strongly, causing the pressure to expand and the tissue is crispy.

Features: frying and dehydrating under vacuum conditions, mushroom  are heated at low temperature and short time, which can better preserve the ingredients, nutrition and flavor of the original mushroom.

Quick-frozen mushrooms are fresh mushrooms that are rapidly cooled and frozen. Due to the rapid freezing, many nutrients of fresh mushrooms are maintained. Mushrooms are the fruit caps and stipe of the mushrooms of the edible fungus Basidiomycetes subphylum Agaricaceae Agaraceae, usually together with oyster mushrooms, straw mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms and are called “commonly used “foods” that are beneficial to the human body. “Four Edible Fungi”, and the meat is thick, crisp and tender, rich in flavor, and of the best quality.

Production processes

1. Preprocessing
Mushrooms used for quick freezing should have complete caps, white and elastic, no mud roots, no pests and diseases, no mechanical damage, and no hollow or white cores. The stipe is no more than 15mm, and the diameter of the mushroom cap is about 30mm. Wash 2 to 3 times to remove sand, dirt, etc. Blanch in hot water at 100°C for 3-5 minutes. Strictly control the water temperature to prevent the mushrooms from discoloring. After blanching, quickly cool down to below 10°C in a cold water pool.

2. Grading, freezing and refrigeration
Mushrooms are generally divided into three grades: large, medium and small. The diameters of the canopies are above 40mm, 30-40mm and below 30mm respectively. Mushrooms of different specifications are frozen separately, and the fluidized monomer is used for rapid freezing, which is most suitable at -35°C. Different specifications are packaged separately, generally 250g, 500g or 1000g per bag. The air in the bag should be excluded when sealing, and finally packed in a box and refrigerated.

Medical value

Effects of Mushrooms
1. Soothe the nerves and eliminate troubles: regulate metabolism and play a role in calming the nerves.

2. Digestion: It helps the secretion of gastric acid and the digestion of food, and is suitable for the treatment of stagnation in diet.

3. Resolving phlegm and relieving cough: It is suitable for symptoms such as excessive phlegm, thick phlegm, and cough.

4. Spleen invigorating: It is suitable for symptoms such as abdominal fullness, loose stools, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness caused by weak spleen and inability to transport and transform.


The quick-frozen mushrooms have good quality and delicious meat, and are a kind of quick-frozen vegetables that are loved by people. The quality of quick-frozen mushrooms mainly depends on the quick-freezing process. Now introduce a mushroom quick-freezing process. Process flow Raw material selection → color protection → rinsing → blanching → cooling → draining → quick freezing → grading → multi-selection → glacial coating → packaging → inspection → refrigeration.

How to distinguish the quality of quick-frozen mushrooms

The cap of the mushroom is white or light yellow, and the young mushroom is hemispherical, with the edge curling inward, and gradually unfolds into an umbrella shape as it matures. The stipe is supported in the center of the cap, white. The gills are initially pink and then turn brown. There is a ring on the stipe.

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