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How to store deep frozen mangoes

How to store deep frozen mangoes

The global trend towards healthy lifestyles is one of the reasons why the frozen fruit market is experiencing demand growth, most notably deep frozen mangoes, frozen strawberries and frozen raspberries. Frozen fruits are increasingly used as raw materials for bakeries, confectionery and dairy products, more popular than canned and dried fruit.

One of the most popular frozen fruits is deep frozen mangoes, which are used in confectionery, frozen salads, and smoothies. Today’s end consumers expect to buy mangoes separated when they open the package, but traditional freezing methods cannot provide high quality and natural-shaped products. Therefore, the task of deep frozen mango processors is to provide customers with high-quality individual quick-frozen products.

Mango is a sweet tropical fruit. Freshly chopped mangoes are great in fruit salads, smoothies, or as a frozen snack. Like papaya, mango is often used as a breakfast side dish. Deep frozen mangoes are the best way to store large quantities of mangoes.


  1. Choose ripe mangoes. Press lightly on the mango to confirm its firmness. Using your sense of touch, you can compare the ripeness of mangoes.
  2. Prepare the mango. Use a knife to remove the mango skin. Cut the mango into bite-sized pieces.

Method 1

Raw mango chunks

  1. Place the sliced mango chunks on a baking sheet. Make sure each mango is not next to each other, as it is very difficult to separate deep frozen mangoes. It’s best to have a rim or rolled edge on the baking sheet so the mango chunks don’t fall off. You can also use a shallow pan instead.
  2. Place the pan in the freezer horizontally. Freeze for three to five hours, depending on the thickness of the mango chunks.
  3. Put the deep frozen mangoes in a freezer ziplock bag. Mark the current date accordingly.
  4. Deep frozen mangoes can be kept for 10 months.

Method 2

Easy Sugar Mango Chunks

  1. Put 1 cup sugar and 2 cups water into a medium pot.
  2. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar.
  3. Set the sugar water aside to cool completely.
  4. Put the mango chunks in a freezer crisper. Mark the current date accordingly.
  5. Pour the prepared simple sugar water on top of the mango cubes. Leave a space of 3cm above the crisper, because the volume of the mango in syrup will expand after freezing.
  6. This deep frozen mango can be kept for 12 months.
deep frozen mango


Like any other fruit, mangoes change in texture after thawing. Deep frozen mangoes are best used in smoothies rather than in recipes that call for fresh ingredients. It is better to use mango in sugar water when you need to make a sauce.

How to transport mangoes not easy to break

When packing mangoes, the single-layer fruit boxes should be arranged tightly with the stems facing downwards. The size of the fruit in each package must be the same, and the packing material can be used to assist the packaging. A large number of mangoes are packed in piles and can be put into baskets and boxes (about 20-25kg capacity). During transportation, it is necessary to prevent the packaging from moving and limit the stacking load. It should not be stacked too high, so as to facilitate air circulation and prevent the load from crushing the packaging. The most suitable temperature for transportation is 13-15 ℃, relative humidity 95-90% 11 ℃, vulnerable to cold damage.

How are mangoes preserved?

1. Store in a cool and dark place

Tropical fruits like mangoes are afraid of light, high temperature and humidity. So if you want to store it for a longer time, it must be kept in a cool and dark place. The mangoes can be directly packed in plastic bags and placed in a cool and dry place without being squeezed to ensure ventilation. If the mangoes are not squeezed and deteriorated, they can be stored for about a week or two.

2. Refrigerator storage

Mangoes can be stored in the refrigerator, but remember to add a layer of plastic wrap to the outer layer of the mangoes, which will not only prevent the mangoes from going bad, but also prevent the mangoes from contaminating the odor of other things. However, it cannot be stored in the refrigerator for too long, and it should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the taste of mango.

3. Store in a carton

Wrap the mangoes in paper first, this will prevent the mangoes from squashing together and causing them to spoil. Then put the mangoes wrapped in paper in the box one by one, remember to leave some gaps between each mango to avoid excessive accumulation and damage to the mangoes. Pay attention to a wooden board at the bottom of the box to prevent moisture, and the box should also be placed in a ventilated place. However, it should be noted that when placing the mango, the mango stem should be facing down, so that it can be stored for a longer time.

deep frozen mango

The advantages of frozen fruit are mainly reflected in the following four points:

First, the varieties are diverse and are not affected by seasons. The shelf life of the frozen fruit can reach two years, and it can be supplied throughout the year, which solves the seasonal problem of fruit production. And the difficulty of purchasing raw materials is greatly reduced, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers to a greater extent.

Second, it is easy to store and sanitation is guaranteed. The biggest difficulty of fresh fruit lies in the preservation process, and the frozen fruit only needs to be frozen at minus 18 degrees, and the preservation time is long, and the product loss rate is also greatly reduced. Because the product is processed by low-temperature quick-freezing, it can effectively inhibit the activity of microorganisms, which is more hygienic and safer to eat.

Third, it is convenient to eat and guarantees the taste. Just thaw and eat, and many products have begun to try small packaging, which can be used as needed, and the taste can be comparable to fresh fruit.

Fourth, it is more nutritious. Before fresh fruits enter the market, they often go through the process of picking, storage, and transportation. During this time, although the fruits are still brightly colored, they will lose a lot of nutrients. And if it is frozen after picking, the nutrients in the fruit can be locked to the greatest extent.

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