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Dried mushrooms and black fungus

Dried mushrooms and black fungus

Dried mushrooms and dried black fungus have long been part of the Chinese diet in terms of nutritional value, as well as culinary choices. Due to their strong flavor and potential health benefits, they have attracted worldwide attention in recent years, becoming highly sought-after food ingredients and cooking supplements.

Dried mushrooms and dried black fungus refers to the processing method of drying mushrooms and black fungus before eating, which can fully conserve the nutrients and minerals found in the mushrooms and black fungus. In the process of drying a mushroom or a piece of black fungus, 80-90% moisture is removed, thus causing the texture to become crisp and hard.

Processing Technique

Generally speaking, the processing technique of dried mushrooms and black fungus is as followed. When selecting the fresh mushrooms and black fungus, ensure to pick those that are firm, fresh and with no visible signs of damage. Once the selection process is done, wash the mushrooms and black fungus with cold water. Then, lay them side by side on a flat tray, and put them in a dehydrator or oven. Finally, turn the dehydrator or oven to the lowest heat setting and leave it to dry.

Nutrition Values

From a nutritional perspective, dried mushrooms and black fungus are rich in carbohydrates, low in fat and calories. As a good source of dietary fiber, they can help to keep the digestive system healthy. Apart from that, these ingredients are known to possess numerous health benefits, such as being rich in antioxidants and containing a good amount of minerals like potassium, iron and Sodium.

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Dried mushrooms and black fungus are natural sources of many essential vitamins, such as vitamin B-12. They also contain an important component in their structure: chitin. This component has been found to promote immunity and reduce inflammation.

Apart from that, dried mushrooms and black fungus can also be great sources of dietary proteins, as well as essential amino acids like alanine, arginine and glutamic acid. With a subtle flavor, these ingredients can add a unique flavor to various dishes and complement other ingredients.


In conclusion, dried mushrooms and black fungus can provide many great benefits to the human body when consumed. Not only are these ingredients rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary proteins, but they are also a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants, which can boost the overall health, reduce inflammation, and fight off infections. Because of their high nutritional value, easy to prepare processing technique, and delicious taste, dried mushrooms and black fungus have become a popular culinary and health choice worldwide.





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